indicators failure

  1. N

    Windscreen wipers and indicators

    Hi Every morning my windscreen wipers and my indicators (also full beam) don't work at all - this lasts for about 10 minutes as I am driving, then as if by magic they suddenly start working perfectly normally for the rest of the day. It is almost like there is no charge first thing in the...
  2. L

    indicators on 1984 107 500SL

    Use of indicators is causing the instrument panel and the electric windows to fail. Some suggestions as to where and what to look at first would be much appreciated. thanks.
  3. Onne

    W210 E class indicator issue

    Hello all, My colleague at work here has an issue with his LHD W210 220CDI When indicating only the right hand side comes on, regardless of which way the stalk goes. (So when indicating left it blinks right) Flash is at normal speed. Any idea what needs to be done to rectify this...
  4. U

    Engine and some electrics cut out without notice

    I have an automatic car (ML270) and when driving my engine will cut out, power steering fails and the indicators no longer work. No lights light up on the dashboard. I can press the button for the warning lights to come on and that works. I can put the car into park and restart the engine...

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