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    W204 C200 OM651 Intake Manifold

    Hey Guys, I have the car for over a year and drove it around 40 000km through the year. Currently car has 140 000km. From time to time was throwing error code PA200A21. Recently it went into a limp mode also. At home it showed me: P200A21 - The charge movement flap (cylinder 1) has a...
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    ML270 engine won't start

    Hi, we own an ML270 CDI yr 2004. We started having problems (difficulty to start & then stalling while decelerating). Once, after stopping for a break on a long journey, it took 20 mins to start. We then took it to a Mercedes Benz dealer for servicing & to review the problem. It came up with...
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    W124 Query on Fuses

    Folks, I have a 1996 W124 E220 Auto Estate Petrol. Checking the fuses in the main box on the offside rear of engine bay (after I blew one when changing out the window regulator!) , I noticed there was no fuse in the slot 11 'Intake Manifold heater (gearbox oil cooler)'. This may because...

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