1. Janchee

    W213 Brake Judder

    Hi all, Drove to Bristol today ( 380 mile round trip ) and I've noticed a severe judder of the steering wheel under braking. Googling the problem has opened my eyes. I've seen that a large majority of W213 owners are suffering from this problem. Car is just 4 months out-of-warranty. Only 34k...
  2. S

    PLEASE HELP! Engine Juddering harshly when idle.

    Hello all. Firstly, I've only just signed up and I apologise if I come across as a noob. I really require some expert advice/opinion on some issues I'm experiencing with my Mercedes 2004 C180 Kompressor SE Sport (Automatic). 82000 miles. Long story short. I recently just had the spark plugs...
  3. allybassman

    722.9 Auto Gearbox issue *Juddering*

    Hi All, Strange issue that my 2012 C Class (58k miles) has developed - Upon light load on the engine (keeping pace with traffic between 30-50 MPH I have started to feel the car judder. Accelarating is fine, the gearbox changes smoothly, doesn't hold onto gears too long and behaves normally...
  4. B

    Gyro Judder when stationary !!??

    Hi i have a CLK 240 on a '52 plate. Auto and randomly when coming to a stop (traffic lights etc) the rev's drop to almost stall point (it doesn't stall) and there is what i can only decribe as a gyroscopic side to side slow judder. the rev's then blip up and it settles. the worrying thing is...
  5. C

    E320 CDI judders when accelerating

    Hi All, I'm new to this post and need some help with my Car, it’s a Merc E320 CDI 2003. Hope someone can help me out. The issue with my car is, it judders when you accelerate. The car wants to accelerate but something is holding it back. I popped round to the local Mercedes garage who...

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