1. C A R S E

    R230 (2003) RF Central Locking + Keyless Issue

    Hi, Hope someone can give me some needed help, please :( Symtoms: Keyless Entry/Start (KG) NOT Working - 'Key Not Recognised' appears on dashboard Remote Locking (RF) NOT Working - Cannot Lock/Unlock car at any distance Infrared Locking (IR) is Working, I am able to Lock/Unlock the car if I...
  2. F

    S-class w221 keyless car opens when locked from the outside

    Hi i have an issue with my car, its a 2006 s class with keyless go and keyless entry, all the locks and handles for keyless entry and locking work fine as in latches open and close but the issue is that once the car is closed and the key is not nearby the doors still open from the outside even...
  3. L

    R230 Keyless Go - Upgrade?

    Hi - my 2003 SL55 has Keyless go but I have no key-card for it. Is there any way of upgrading the keyless go to the more modern, sliver key fob type? (i.e. no separate card required?). I've seen a couple of past threads on this but no definitive answer. Would the Keyless go module need replacing...
  4. Lexman8

    CL500: Keyless Go and Bi-Xenon problems

    Hi, I've just got a 2001 CL500 that has beeen unused for some time. Using the Keycard I can unlock the doors by touching the door handle and can start the car with the gearstick button. However on exiting the car I can't lock it using either of the door buttons nor the one on the boot...
  5. I

    Keyless Entry Stopped - Key recognised in Car!

    Hi, My keyless entry on ym W211 320 2003 has always been a bit hit and miss, but now it has stopped working. If I try to open the door I get a message coming up on the dash saying "key recognised in the car". I know for a fact that there is no other key in the car abnd it will not open...

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