1. A

    Lost key

    Hi All, i lost the key to my E220 Cabriolet in Germany, i only had the one key i hadnt got around to getting a second key after i bought the car. It's been sitting in a Mercedes dealers in Germany since March, they have been telling me ever since that the key would be available at the beginning...
  2. grahamwoodward

    New switchblade keys (SLK etc)

    Good news - New Mercedes Switchblade keys for older Mercs (R170 SLKs etc) are now available again. I have just ordered one for our R170 SLK - cost £201. As these keys are susceptible to failure I thought this might be of interest to some members.
  3. Z

    124 key replacement

    This may be a simple question but the keys to my 1996 124 e320 coupe are in need of updating. One is now lost and the spare is loose / fob destroyed. Anyone know a reliable key cutting service in London that can replace keys of this era?
  4. Arkay

    M-B Views on their pricing

    Hello friends I had an issue with M-B recently which went up as far as Simon Oldfield Managing Director of M-B UK. His email address should you wish to contact him personally with your own problem is Anyway, a new key would cost me about £190. Expensive but...
  5. W

    Memory keys?

    Hi I am new, always fancied a mercedes and after looking for several months found a 2003 s320 cdi, had a test drive and fell in love.....but there have been one or two issues. As I am new here I am going to start with a minor queery, my car does not have any memory buttons for the seats etc but...
  6. T

    Locked out

    Please help I have an r reg c200. I've not used for months. I have a smart key but no emergency blade. I need to get into the vehicle so I can sell it. Is there a way without smashing a window Thanks in advance Tc
  7. M

    W202 Flashing Lights on Rear View Mirror

    Hello This is my 1st post & I seek advice! I have a W202 C180 1996 (great car!) bought secondhand on E-Bay with no manual. I had a problem with the transponder keys last week but managed to get them repaired locally (MB wanted £215 per key ...robbing bastewards!) All fine except...

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