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    Electrically operated tailgate kit?

    Firstly, I hope I've posted in the correct section...... My apologies if its conciderd OT. I have an 08 Vito with glazed tailgate. I have a disability & finding it increasingly difficult to open/close the tailgate. Could anyone recommend an electrically operated kit? Many thanks, Andy
  2. B

    In Car Phone Kit

    Does anyone know if the Nokia 6310 fits the standard cradle in a CL 500 (2005)? Cheers Mike
  3. B

    In car phone

    I have just purchased a CL 500 with the phone Kit installed. I was wondering if anyone knew which Particular Nokia phone fits the kit. Cheers Mike
  4. F

    a class interior dashboard kits

    has anyone had any experience with these kits where you can apply iron on sticker type trim to your existing dash to give it a new look, found this one on ebay and was just wondering whether anyone has bought one and thought it was worth the price tag...

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