1. M

    [Wanted] R230 SL500 Tool Roll Please

    The tool roll is missing from my wheel insert, have the 12v pump but no tools. Don't really know what is should have or what it looks like. Perhaps someone could guide me?
  2. M

    Electrically operated tailgate kit?

    Firstly, I hope I've posted in the correct section...... My apologies if its conciderd OT. I have an 08 Vito with glazed tailgate. I have a disability & finding it increasingly difficult to open/close the tailgate. Could anyone recommend an electrically operated kit? Many thanks, Andy
  3. J

    [Spares] W204 (silver) antiglare and autofold full kit

    :lol:I have driver and passenger autofold and antiglare mirrors in silver complete with door control units and drivers door switch panel for sale. All in excellent condition. From a 2010 C250cgi sport. Offers around £350 (includes delivery to uk mainland) Please note that depending on...
  4. B

    In Car Phone Kit

    Does anyone know if the Nokia 6310 fits the standard cradle in a CL 500 (2005)? Cheers Mike
  5. B

    In car phone

    I have just purchased a CL 500 with the phone Kit installed. I was wondering if anyone knew which Particular Nokia phone fits the kit. Cheers Mike
  6. R

    [Spares] W204 iPod Integration Kit

    Due to UMI upgrade I am selling the iPod Integration Kit previously fitted to my car. (58 plate W204 220CDI Sport with Audio 20). The kit is part number A004 827 37 45 and as far as I can see the kit is complete: iPod Integration Module iPod to RJ45 cable 3 connector wiring loom 2 books...
  7. F

    a class interior dashboard kits

    has anyone had any experience with these kits where you can apply iron on sticker type trim to your existing dash to give it a new look, found this one on ebay and was just wondering whether anyone has bought one and thought it was worth the price tag...

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