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    Pool of Diesel on top of Injectors.

    Hi guys, great to be a part of the forum. Just looking for abit of help and advice. This morning my Mercedes cdi c220 2011 was turning over but not firing up. I tried a few times then stopped. When I looked in the engine there is a pool of Diesel over the injectors? But when I turn the car...
  2. R

    Air conditioning comp on 120cdi vito

    Hi all Need to replace the compressor on my 120 vito, catastrophic failure of the pulley bearing and it also leaks gas anyway over the season. My question is has anyone changed one because it looks very difficult to remove from situ. Any advice welcome as to which way it is removed once...
  3. M

    1997 Mercedes Sprinter Van

    Hello, I am currently using my old van to travel around Europe and after many journeys up and down windy mountain roads I seem to have a problem with the brakes...I have some fluid which is leaking over the inside of the back right wheel and the brakes are hardly working. I have checked the...
  4. B

    Leak from suspension?

    Hi, I have a 2003 SL 500, went in for a wheel alignment and the guy told me I had a leak coming from the suspension and that the hydrolic fluid was coming out. Has anyone seen this before? What do i need to do for it? Many thanks.

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