light switch function

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    Lights won't turn off in any position, draining battery, help!

    Hi I have a 2001 slk 200 kompressor that I'm trying to fix and get back on the road. The car has been sitting for a number months, Just replaced the oxygen sensor that was causing a fault code previously, but everything was running and working the way it should. Put a new battery in and noticed...
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    Problem with the light switch on 2009 W204

    So my light switch is acting funny: I basically have two problems: 1. When I set it to Auto: Sometimes my headlights work in direct sunlight, when I switch it to OFF then back to Auto few times, it works fine and the headlights are not working in direct sunlight anymore. 2. Another...
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    Lights wont turn off in position O

    Greetings all - just picked up my 2009 e class coupe - with light switch in position "O" dipped beam still comes on when dark, just as if I had selected Auto "A". Is this correct or not ? Many thanks for your time. Chris

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