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  1. C A R S E

    R230 (2003) RF Central Locking + Keyless Issue

    Hi, Hope someone can give me some needed help, please :( Symtoms: Keyless Entry/Start (KG) NOT Working - 'Key Not Recognised' appears on dashboard Remote Locking (RF) NOT Working - Cannot Lock/Unlock car at any distance Infrared Locking (IR) is Working, I am able to Lock/Unlock the car if I...
  2. S

    Central Locking Fault

    I have a problem with my central locking , the back doors do not lock or unlock , the front and the boot do but not the back , had a water problem when the air box under the bonnet became blocked , i did not know there was a drain hole and it needs to be checked so water came in the passenger...
  3. R

    Remote only works an inch away

    Hi guys, this is my first post so please excuse me if I don't get this spot on. I recently bought a 2001 c200 coupe. Fantastic car! It's got a nice blackish purpleish colour too! However there is a problem with the remote or the sensor of something. It only locks when I point the remote...
  4. P

    c200 locks

    I have a 1998 c200 sport which i've just bought, one of its latest issues is that it will not lock or unlock on the fob today?? did yesterday lol. anyway i got the car open with the key, but am unable to lock it, any idea's? the central locking works from the button inside the car but i dont...
  5. J

    CLK500 cab key fob not working and FM radio

    The key fob is not working to open the doors or the boot unless you actually touch the door handle with it, and even then it doesn't work well. Also, the FM radio doesn't work. It sounds like the arial's been disconnected, but of course it hasn't. I suspect both faults are linked, and maybe they...
  6. A

    Mercedes ML270 1 Door not locking

    I have a problem with 1 door on my ML270 CDI. When i lock my car the 3 doors lock and 1 door doesn't when i open the door that is unlocked the car starts alarming. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?.

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