1. AnthonyUK

    M112 2.6l Sparks plugs

    Hi all. Quick question regarding spark plugs for the M112 V6 engine (I think also M113 are the same). Mine is currently on 88000 miles and I don't think they have ever been changed so is something that is currently at the top of my todo list. What are the recommended plugs? I've researched a...
  2. Tui Miller

    Upgrades to M112 E26

    Hi, i'm new to owning a Mercedes and i'm looking to make more power out of my M112 E26. I've done an exhaust atm and that's it, a new intake and a tune would probably get me more but I know I wont be satisfied unless im making around 300-400HP. I don't know if this is possible from the E26 but...
  3. whitepawn

    Rattling ride

    Hi all - hope to get some advice on my ‘new’ 2005 C320 (approx. 131,500 mi, but regularly serviced over its life according to the book). I’ve had it for a couple of weeks and a few days ago it started developing a rattling sound from the front left (kind of sounds like it’s coming from around...
  4. whitepawn

    Hi all

    Hi all I just joined after buying my first Mercedes - a 2005 C320. I love it and hope to learn loads (without running into major trouble on the car). Best, Tom
  5. Peter Broomfield

    W203 C320 M112 Spark Plug Suguestions

    Hi all, New to site, Mercedes ownership and looking for advice. What would you all sugguest for spark plugs??? Thanks in advance, Peter
  6. Peter Broomfield

    M112 Spark Plug Removal Tool

    Hi everyone! New to the site and Mercedes ownership (I've seen the light and come from the BMW darkside!!) Can anyone tell me where on earth i can buy the spark plug removal tool in this country?? All the places ive found are in the US and want more than the tool is worth in postage!!! Many...
  7. M

    99 W202 C240 Won't start

    Help! About 2 weeks, the car wouldn't start. Out the blue one morning engine turns over no problems, but not a hint of running. Checked all the fuses, and found the rear fuses near the battery and the location of the fuel pump relay - and searched the web. Found the crank position sensor...

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