maf rough idling

  1. H

    1994 C220 Stalling Issue - PLEASE HELP ME!!

    Hi all I'm new to the site and have joined in the hope someone can help me. I own a C220 sport from1994 (W202) with automatic 4 speed box. Issue :- sometimes, completely random times, the car will when slowing down to a stop or even just slowing down, she stalls. Will start straight away...
  2. ds24215605

    C230 1997 Auto Sport Sluggish when starts and started to backfire!

    When i start up after a few hours parking the engine struggles to keep constant revs This goes away after a short time yet now the car has started to misfire / backfire when i depress the accelerator pedal quickly? It still goes ok on motorway but is getting sluggish as time goes on. I have...

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