1. S

    SL55 sitting for ~6 years. What now?

    As you can tell from the title I have an SL55 which for various reasons has been sitting in my drive for around 6 years. I work on cars myself however this is an entirely new beast with the SBC and ABC, correct me if i'm wrong but i think those are the right terms. Anyways, what would it take...
  2. r129co

    R129 SL repairs and maintenance

    Hi guys and girls We are now offering a repairs, maintenance, detailing and restoration book-in service, for the R129 SL, at our garage in the southeast, in Kent. More information on that at our website here. I would like to ask - what problems related to the R129 SL have you had, or had heard...
  3. M

    w215 cl55 amg kompressor

    Hello guys, Hope you are all ok? I have 53 plate cl55, which are common for couple issues which I would like to sort out anything serious happens. 1)kompressor pulley 2)abc pump 3)kompressor cooling unit 4)radiator may leak coolant into transmission? New radiator? Do you know any more...
  4. T

    W124 servicing and maintenance

    I'm moving from the Guildford (Surrey) area to the Great Malvern (Worcs) area and will need to find a garage in the new location that's as good as the one I currently use. I want somewhere that genuinely knows about the W124 range (mine is a 1995 E280 estate, 157k) and knows how to locate and...
  5. M

    My Mercedes Needs new tyres

    I think its time I change my Merc tyres as I have completely ruined the tyres due to having a fast car and the temptations that come with it. can anyone please recommend a uk site that I can look for tyres due to working most of the time so im not able to look at my local tyre supplier.
  6. Chrishazle

    Diesel Maintenance Tips

    Don't know if it's been posted here before, but came across this site a few days ago, looks useful, and I think one or two of the articles (EG Mercedes Transmission Fluid Change) would, I guess, apply to petrol as well as diesel.

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