1. S

    2004 CLK 200 Kompressor Horn Activates when Cornering!

    I've had my car for a couple of years now, and I love driving it. But about a year ago I started to get this issue where turning the wheel a certain amount activates the horn! Which I'm sure you can imagine makes for seriously anxious driving, not knowing when it will happen. At the time, I...
  2. Lee Edwards

    Gle350d 2016 airmatic

    Hi, new to club . I have a Gle 350d p+ 2016 . Airmatic 23k miles Please can someone direct me to a post regarding my problem. I have read many threads and can’t find anything. The airmatic has malfunction. No leak, not sagging, level . Not fuse or relay. Normal first thing in comfort, until...
  3. azimabdul1983

    active bonnet malfunction error message

    It has only been just over one week since I purchased my car (E200 CDi Sport, 2010 model), on the drive back I noticed that the washer fluid was empty. When I got home I opened the hood and filled up the washer fluid as normal. When I closed the bonnet the first time I noticed on the dash the...
  4. M

    Third brake lamp malfunction

    Hello! My car is w204, C250CDI, 2009, sedan. The 3rd brake lamp (the auxiliary stop lamp) has a malfunction. Sometimes is working perfect, sometimes not. The LED bar is fine, the lamp contact is ok. Also the rear SAM seems to be allright. What else can I check ? I suspect a relay...
  5. I

    Malfunction Electric Consumers switched off /Battery problem :( Stressed! HELP

    Hi I need help please!, I have a 2003 E320 diesel W211. I went on holiday and came back to find my car battery dead. (Even though ym neighbour started it once a week!) So I jump started it and everything seemed fine. After a round trip of 50 miles just when I was getting home I got the...
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