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    Vacuum door lock leak

    Happy Friday everyone! There is a leak somewhere in the door lock vacuum system of my 2001 CLK Coupe. I suspect it's inside the drivers door as the is a hissing sound there every time I lock and unlock the car, plus the driver door lock no longer locks unless I push the lock down physically...
  2. R

    [Wanted] wanted 814 MANUAL

    HIYA... I cant seem to find any type of manual anywhere online for my 814D ... anyone got 1 or knows where to get them? many thanks.... Bruce...
  3. C

    heater motor

    Help!! c class 240 heater motor broke, looking for one now, can anyone help me locate and describe how to replace once got one, does any c class manual cover this? sorry for being dumb all you mad mechanics out there:cool:

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