1. Acid@MSL

    My Genius & Custom Remap Group Buy

    Update: we currently have 19 people signed up so would need another 6 to proceed. Any takers? Please read carefully! We are offering you guys the chance to do a group buy in order to receive a and . We can only offer them at these discounted prices if 25 or more of you buy. The price...
  2. Acid@MSL

    MSL Portable Custom Remap Handheld My Genius Devices

    MY genius handheld devices are now availiable for any Mercedes mappable via the OBD Port and all come with a fully custom bespoke MSL Performance Remap! C63 W204 510 Min BHP = £750 C63 W205 580 Min BHP = £950 M157 5.5 Bi turbo Min 660 BHP = £850 E63s W213 4lt Min 700 BHP = £1150...
  3. Acid@MSL


    Stunning Mercedes E63 AMG in recently making some impressive figures!!! _________________________ 767.11 WHP 905 BHP 895.97 WTQ 1057 lb/ft TQ __________________________ Mods: • Mslperformance map & dyno • Weistec W3 Turbos • Weistec Downpipes • Weistec bulletproof gearbox • Amsperformance...
  4. Acid@MSL

    Tuning Boxes

    Hey Guys Did you know we know offer tuning boxes for a large variety of vehicles. This is advantageous to those who want a bit more performance from there vehicles without compromising the manufacturers warranty. A lot of tuning boxes available are easy diy install and offer competitive...
  5. T

    Pros and cons of remapping

    I've been considering getting a Mercedes with the 250 cdi engine as want a bit of performance ( 204 bhp ) but I'm just wondering if I find a better value 220 cdi is it a viable option to buy it and then get it remapped to 204 + bhp as they are the same engine just turbos tuned different. I've...

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