1. alexanderfoti

    Would you like £500? We are hiring!

    We are currently hiring for 2 positions. Additionallty, if you refer a candidate that is employed by us, we will give you a £500 referral reward. What's on offer? A welcoming work environment that values its employees and nurtures their professional growth. The opportunity to advance your...
  2. S

    SW London Newbie

    Hello, just joined the forums. Been working on mercs for 15 years now, working for MB UK in blakelands as a tech and for mobilo life in SW london. Hope i can shed some light on the issues your all having.... got a bit of product knowledge about mercs but always keen to learn more...
  3. G

    ML279 leaky injector

    Could anybody recommend a mechanic to reseat a leaky injector on my ML270 please.Im in Streatham South London,thanks in advance...Pete
  4. D

    Mercedes mechanic croydon/purley surrey

    Anyone know of a good mechanic in this area. We have an ongoing fault with our E320 CDI which is making an intermittent knocking noise when pulling away from rest and sometimes from mild acceleration from 20 to 30 mph. Seems to be more pronounced after turning left or right or going over bumps...

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