mercedes 200 cdi

  1. mshah70

    W212 transmission problems

    Hello i have a mercedes w212 E200 2011 150kmiles Recently while changing from P to R or N to (D or R) i feel a judder from the transmission. However i drove it like this for a short period and now i have a major issue. The issue is when i select a gear ( R or D) the car doesnt engage the...
  2. C

    Glowplug Light - Limp Mode - C220 D

    Looking for some advice guys. C220 D 2014 67k miles Owned for 4 years.- Was on a long drive (150 miles) sensible drive nice and smooth motorway. Suddenly noticed the car was 'loosing power' which I now realise is the limp mode. Nothing else wrong with the car at this point, engine runs fine...

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