mercedes a class

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    questions regarding first merc purchase

    car: a class 2020 (ish) 1. Are newer mercedes automatic gearboxes reliable/smooth - im coming from a mazda 2017 manual. 2. is an a35 amg less or more reliable than a amg line 2.0 petrol (about the same price) -- but im thinking, is an engine that has presumably a bigger turbo and puts out more...
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    B009587 Right front crash sensor - airbag light intermittent

    Hello, I have the code “B009587 -the right front crash sensor has a malfunction - the message is missing” on my 2014 A180. the airbag light is intermittent on the dash I was wondering if anyone had any experience or advice on where I can find this sensor so that I can try and get a...

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