1. K

    Red battery visit workshop message

    Hello all I bought a mercedes SL500 R230 2002 about six months ago with a red visit workshop message. It was checked at time do sale by WDM in Birmingham with the stars system, and was advised it was not a serous issue and to carry on with the purchase. To date I have replaced both...
  2. E

    Triangle sign with car in the middle & graphic assist?

    So I just got my E-Class yesterday. I realised a light comes on now and then. It is a red light (triangle with a car in the middle). Could anyone shine some light on what this is please? Hoping its not a fault!! :confused: ALSO, whilst I'm at it; what on earth is graphic assist? I...
  3. Irresistance

    W210 Radio "SERVICE" LCD Message - What does it mean?

    Hi guys, Simple problem... cant find a post about it. I was driving along, switching radio frequencies, as suddenly my radio says "Service" (there was some word that came before it, but didnt catch it) and now its stuck on "SERVICE". Changing stations works, changing CDs works, changing songs...

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