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    W220 3.2 CDi - Reverse Mirror/Rumble at 70mph/Rough idle

    Hi, New here, been a serial lurker for a while and thought i would jump in and register as my enthusiasm level is 10/10 and mechanical skills are -10/10! i have my S W220 3.2 CDi, owned her for nearly 7 years. Shes done 120k miles Daily driver with the usual faults of air suspension, air...
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    CLS Wing Mirror indicator replacement

    I have a 2007 CLS and I need to replace the indicator strip in the driver's door mirror (RH). I have had a poke around but can't see a way to get the cover off to remove the indicator. Does the back cover come off without having to remove the glass, motor etc?
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    Wing mirror indicator lens on C180

    The wing mirror indicator lens on my lovely 2008 C180 Kompressor is broken and needs replacing. Can anyone help?
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    Replacing Wing Mirror Indicator On C Class Coupe

    After removing the mirror glass and motor from a 2006 C Class Coupe, I am at a loss as to the next step in order to gain access to the screws which secure the indicator lens in place. I would appreciate some advice. Please see attachment for inside of the mirror.

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