mis-fuel petrol pump

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    Petrol in my Diesel

    Hi guys, Yes, I have done it. I had half a tank of Diesel when I drove into a gas station. Picked up the nozzle and squeezed the trigger. Very quickly I realised that I had picked up the wrong nozzle. I had pumped in 4 litres of Petrol into the car when I stopped. I then filled it with Premium...
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    2012 ML250 - Help....Fuel System Needs Replacing?

    My 2012 ML250 has developed a fault where by it stalls occasionally when cold and idling at a junctions, usually before the ECO system has kicked in.It always re-starts first time. The problem has been happening for about 6 months but is very intermittent, nothing for a few days then 3 times in...

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