1. C

    Engine shakes on acceleration

    Hi guys. After few weeks of visiting over 10 service shops and even the Mercedes dealer from my city, I finally decide to ask help online:). I will try making the story short and give the best details I can. 2 months ago I decided to do an ECU remapping on my ML250, year 2013, 116k km. The guy...
  2. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes ML250 CDI Remapping!!!

    Hey guys, We tuned our first ML250 CDI! Its cheating really as its exactly the same engine as the 250cdi that can be found in the C250 CDI and E250 CDI so it was nothing new! The vehicle responded very well as im sure you can imagine 204bhp is not a lot in a vehicle that size so the extra...

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