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    New member searching for advice on a replacement head unit for ML300

    I’m hoping you lovely members might pass on a recommendations for replacing my head unit. There seems to be lots of options on eBay etc, but I’d like to hear from someone who’s already upgraded TIA
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    Fuses - ML300 cdi blueefficiency

    Hi, This is probably going to be a daft question... but anyway, here goes... be gentle with me as it's my first one :) Need to access the fuse box that's in the dashboard (my daughter's boyfriend has got me a dashcam & he's suggested connecting directly to fusebox (via a plugin widgit) rather...
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    ML Steering Knock

    I have recently purchased a 2010 ML300 CDI. Lovely car and all that but I have a strange knock on the steering felt thought the wheel. It doesn't happen all the time, always at low speed and generally with changes in camber back and forth or short sharp changes in direction one way to the other...

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