1. Kizzabakcanb@gmail. Com

    08 front and lights on 01 c180

    Hi I have seen pics of a different front on a 01 w203 c180 coupe, it looked like lights, bonnet, grill, bar, guards of a 08 or 09 c180 has any one heard or seen this done Thank you in advance
  2. H

    E220 W212 (2015) remap

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new here and I don't know why I haven't made an account earlier but here goes. My 212 E220 BlueTEC feels great to drive (and punch) around town, however I'm frequently on the motorway for extended periods of time, so it tends to feel quite lethargic if i floor it to 80MPH...
  3. M

    How to increase performance, air intake, turbo for $1. Disable EGR Mod. Observations

    Hello All I've had a Ml270 CDI W163 now for about a year. Love it. Stumbled across some forums suggesting EGR disable and looked into it. Actually my engine was leaking a bit of oil so I started cleaning the engine bay, tinkering and prodding. Turns out the EGR Valve has quite a bit of...

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