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  1. J

    Help!! Non start

    Hi there iv had the runflat indicator light (esp) turn the key and nothing wont start crank turn off on will start everything works curise control ect all tyres are find no puncture and pressures are find i have read the fault code using the icarsoft mercedes reader and snapon also autologic...
  2. fanaky

    Mercedes specialist wanted !

    Hi guys ! i have 2 problems with my 2004 clk 270 cdi , first one : some pipe broke i think and between 2k and 4k rpm i hear a strange air sucking sound , i dont think its from the turbocharger because the sound is on the left side and the turbo is on the right (from what i know ) side sitting...
  3. B

    E200 Problem Need Urgent Assistance

    Hi so I just bought an E200 1996 model Mercedes everything was fine for several hours I drove it and all was working. Once I left it for about 3 hours on the ferry and returned to drive it away it would not start. It turns over but wont ignite. I urgently need your help and really hope that I...

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