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  1. properwounded

    Has anyone used this shop before

    I am looking to buy a new catalyst for my car as I'd prefer it was fixed properly and not cut out and welded back up, my local garage has quoted £253 just for the part after phoning up a supplier whilst I was there. Part Number BM91120H I looked on ebay and found an equivalent part, for £30...

AIB understand your special Mercedes deserves a special insurance policy. We have a refreshing attitude to insuring high performance, modified, imported or classic and vintage cars and deal with the UK’s leading insurers. We offer discounts for length of ownership, where the vehicle is kept overnight and limiting the mileage and can also cater for those clients who need higher mileage and business use. To obtain a quotation please call the team on 02380 268351 or visit us atAIB Insurance
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