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  1. J

    Help!! Non start

    Hi there iv had the runflat indicator light (esp) turn the key and nothing wont start crank turn off on will start everything works curise control ect all tyres are find no puncture and pressures are find i have read the fault code using the icarsoft mercedes reader and snapon also autologic...
  2. T

    Very odd non starting W220 facelift.

    I recently purchased a W220 with a number of issues but drives fine. So today I've been repairing various things, all went well until I traced the dashboard not retaining time or convenience settings etc to fuse 79 being blown. As soon as I replaced it I heard several things start up and the...
  3. J

    MAF related nightmare?

    Hello chaps, awesome forum by the way, I have always been floating around finding solid advice and never felt the need to post until now! I own a w202 c200 automatic after catching the bug from a brief stint in a 190 a few years back and despite this car not being on the level of the 190 it...
  4. D

    Air in diesel fuel lines C250

    My C250 starts well most of the time and then occasionally I'll have to crank until battery flat, recharge and go again before she will start. When like this, there are air bubbles in the fuel filter supply and return plastic pipes. It looks like it is drawing air into the filter, so possibly...
  5. scotsboi

    CLK 320 (2005) - dead!!!

    Hi, I just went to get into my CLK. The car detects when my key is close and so normally i just push a button on the door handle and open the door. However, I have just done this and nothing. Thinking it might be the key...i got my spare and tried that. Nothing. I used the key to get into...
  6. U

    E320 dead battery or starter motor?

    Hi have a 2000 E320 avant guard estate deisel which wont start. All dash lights come on, then dim but stay on, fuel pre heater goes off, turn key & get a click, no turnover. Breakdown man tried jump leads from his truck, still wouldnt turn over. He suggested that the battery was dead, but...
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