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  1. B

    Key fob not working to unlock car

    Hi Guys, I'm new here, first mercedes I've ever owned and I love it. I bought the car from a dealer who had it for sale cheap with no warranty. I took it for a drive and there is a couple of issues but the price was good. What I didn't realize is they key fob does not lock/unlock the car...
  2. B

    Clk 2002 All windows and Mirrors stopped working?

    Hi I have a Clk 208 Cabrio, All the windows and the mirrors stopped working, I saw somewhere that removing the positive battery terminal for a few mins then re-connecting it works. And it did, but I got in my car this morning and it has done it again. So I did the battery thing again, again this...
  3. Mr Filipov

    CLS320 CDI turbo not spooling

    I am having a big problem with my car at the moment. Yes yet another one. It is starting to drive me to the point of getting rid but besides the point. In the last 3 days I have started to lose the turbo all together. I will for example to a stop at a set of traffic lights and when I go to...
  4. M

    Diagnosing wipers not working on W124

    Hi, Having procrastinated about stripping down and re-greasing the wiper mechanism on my 1990 300TD Estate, due to the fact that it had the early, screwed on aluminium rather than plastic clip on wiper mechanism cover (and not having read the suggestion to drill a hole in the bottom of the...
  5. A

    Rev counter, speedo and fuel gauge not working

    Hi - I recently had to jump start my C250TD (s202) and since then I have had an intermittent problem with the rev counter, speedo and fuel gauge not working. When the problem occurs the rev counter flickers a little bit and the needle lifts up off the zero mark fractionally. Sometimes (not...
  6. P

    Air conditioning sometimes goes off on 190E after 5 - 10 mins

    I have a 1993 190E 2.0 petrol which has an intermittant problem with the air conditioning. Sometimes when I have been driving for 5 - 10 minutes the AC stops blowing cold air. It feels like some very mildly chilled air is still coming out of the side vents (but definately not the centre vents)...

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