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  1. Pipemaster

    R230 number plate light units - replacing / access

    I have a 2006 350 and one of my number plate lights out (off side) and the other is a bit dodgy. I would like to replace them which means taking out the whole unit. I have searched on the web and cant find a definitive answer. The font of knowledge that was Television on an old post on this...
  2. B

    [Wanted] W126 number plate / license plate light bulb unit

    Wanted please - second Gen W126 sec number plate / license plate light bulb unit, either OEM or a fix for my rusty old unit! Thanks.
  3. S

    E class 2004 270 CDI

    the boot light, number plate lights, 3rd break light and boot release have all failed at the same time. Loose wire/fuse gone any ideas??

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