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    [Spares] w126 bumper chrome fasteners

    All, here are some w126 bumper chrome fasteners from a 1989 420 SEC. They might be useful if some of yours snapped or rusted up. There are 17 with the m8 shank, 8 with the smaller shank, in total about 25 of the captive nuts as in the pic and they'll be good to use again. I'm replacing mine with...
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    Rusty nuts !!

    I've got rusty nuts !!!!!! ........... :mad::mad::mad::mad::Oops:
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    help needed to open locking wheel nuts.

    hi all, can anyone give advice on removing locking wheel nuts , without having the key. my c220 was left into the indy garage today for it's b service and they asked about the socket type key needed to remove my wheels . problem is , i bought the car second hand and never got a key with the...

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