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    E190 engine swap

    Hi everyone I am thinking of doing an engine swap to my 1989 190e 2.6 auto and cant decide which engine my main choices where the m104 3.2 petrol or the om605 or 606 diesel can anyone tell me the pros or cons to the engines and which will be more fun also I was thinking of putting them to a...
  2. B

    W124 estate rear bumper and tailgate

    Hello I'm desperate to find a decent complete rear bumper for my beloved 1993 om606 diesel estate. Some one ran into the back of me. I have removed bumper and all is well, but really struggling to sauce a decent complete back bumper. If any body has one for sale or knows where I may get...
  3. R

    w124 e220 v 300d

    Hello all, this would be my first post on the forum.... Looking at a W124 e220 coupe/saloon or 300d saloon. Looking for something with full service history (rather than worry too much about mileage - although I hear head gaskets are prone to go at 150K+?) 300d I understand the om606 (?)...

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