1. NBurns

    Priming a newly fitted turbocharger in an OM646.963 Engine

    How does one 'Prime' a newly fitted turbocharger without the injectors fitted and therefore how does one 'Stop' the fuel system from attempting to get fuel to the injection system? Suffice to say I have already used a syringe to squirt fresh clean oil into the top of the turbo and also squirted...
  2. NBurns

    Are my injector holes clean enough or not?

    After having removed all 4 of my Injectors from my '55 plate C220 CDI Classic SE estate following a seal and injector bolt/holder failure (Black death situation), I am now almost ready to re install the injectors. However I have been advised that I need to re-seat all my injector holes before re...
  3. NBurns

    Torque settings for the S203 OM646.963 Engine exhaust manifold

    Torque settings for the S203 OM646.963 Engine exhaust manifold Just rebuilding my Mercedes now after having to replace the turbocharger (major failure!!). Oil and carbon deposits everywhere plus an injector seal and holder failure. i.e. After removing the injector finally and retrieving the...

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