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    C180 1998 Cutting out .. can you help?

    Hi I am new to the forum and look forward to hearing from you all! Can anyone help. My wife's C180 Auto 1998 has developed a strange problem. It has started cutting out while driving after about 30 min or so. It is running slightly hot but not overheating. The car engine stops and when you...
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    w124 230TE Aux Fan not Cutting In

    Hi there, My 230TE overheated the oher day (lots of steam - and yes I am aware the antifreeze level needs checking:)!) and today I finally got round to checking the reason. This is proving harder than I thought - I've checked the forums and cannot find anything similar given what I have...
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    w202 coolant

    I have a W202 C250TD (1999), i recently changed the coolant (Red stuff) and using a mix of 50/50 (with de-ionised water) topped up - all good - now sits just under 80 when going to work (although can rise/fall to 80 through the journey). Yesterday I did a bit of early morning town driving...

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