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    weird cable sticking out on ML

    Hello chaps. ML 270 CDI 2001 auto I have a cable sticking out from under the centre console on passenger side. It is not very flexible and has a screw thing on it to attach it to something. Any ideas what it might be? The car has an original CD, radio gps unit that works fine. All else works.
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    Greetings all

    Second Mercedes, C240 (breadwinner), W203. Love my car, yet the electronic foibles continue. Anyone know solution to passenger seat (r) continues blowing fuses?
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    C280 - Water leak coming in passenger footwell

    Hi there Not sure anyone can offer advice on this issue, but thought I'd try anyway. I have a 1997 C280 Elegance. It's in pretty good condition, just a few small rust spots. It drives well (though is awful greedy on fuel, but that's what a 2.8. engine will do). My problem is this...
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    passenger headrests stuck up in CLK

    hi gang....i went over a speed bump too fast the other day and the rear headrests in my CLK 200 bounced up into the raised position and now they won't go down (either by using the button on the dash or brute force!). as a result the soft top won't operate anymore either! has anyone got any...
  5. M

    HELP! My Mercedes 320 CLK has a water leak in the front passenger footwell

    I am hoping that someone can help me on this issue. My Mercedes 320 CLK Avantgarde Convertible has water in the front passenger footwell, which is also finding its way to the rear passenger footwell on the same side. This is happening after 'rain. I called a mobile Merc mechanic who took...

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