petrol pump

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    2006 3.7 V6 SL350 fuel pump replacement

    hello just after some advice i need to replace my fuel pump as its leaking MB want £360 for one and for it to be on back order so looking at aftermarket. I've removed the pump and it's a pierburg pump 7.28143.00 A 000 478 04 01 TYP : PK 0004 I can't find a pump to match the part numbers other...
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    Petrol pump for 1987 310 van

    I need to replace the petrol pump that sits on the petrol tank and can't seem to locate a used part. My question is are there any other Mercedes vehicles that use the same pump? I could then extend my search. The same would apply to my exhaust system which has more patches than a patchwork...

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