pollen filter

  1. silestanix

    [Spares] Pollen Filter for W202/W208/R170/W210

    Hi all, bought this for my W202 but it's the wrong one, have now got the right one (mine is non air con). This has been used for 2 days and then replaced as I needed something whilst the correct one came. Details : MANN CUK2897 Fits W202, W208/C208/R170 SLK/W210. This one has the activated...
  2. J

    W210 Pollen Filter replacement guide - slow heater fan fixed

    Hello chaps. I finally replaced my pollen filters. They were in a very bad state and my heater/cabin blower now runs at full speed instead of half-speed like before. So it seems that there is some sensing to prevent the fan from running at full blast when the airflow is low, to prevent...

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