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    HELP Poor Economy 220CDI

    Hello Everyone, I'm hoping there are some eco guru's out there that can help me! My CLK 220CDI Sport suffers very poor economy! I average 27 MPG at the moment. My commute is fairly economic and I drive economicaly. To give an example before this I had a 2007 330i which returned 28mpg. So my...
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    C270 CDi sounds rough and very poor performance

    Hi, I am VJ. I have an C270 CDI 2005 Avantgarde. Mileage approx 50k. When I start the car it sounds "rough". When I accelerate I can hear the engine louder and again sounds very rough. However, at random the car will change its character and sound smooth and effortless. It will respond to...
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    A class running problems

    Hi my A160 sa 1999 has started running really badly. It did it about three weeks ago and cleared up after a day. This time it is all the time. It starts fine and in neutral revs ok but as you start driving it keeps cutting out and stalling, shunts, and misses and runs lumpy. I had it plugged in...

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