pre-safe inoperative

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    Pre-Safe Inoperative See Owners Manual - Command line shutting down

    Hi fellow Merc owners and experts. Disclaimer I'm new here as I'm a newbie owner of a Merc after owning VWs. I have a lot of experience with those and diagnose, service and repair them myself. As such, I'm already working on getting myself a MB STAR Xentry kit as I've learnt that owning my own...
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    Seat belt replacement 03 S350

    Just replaced my drivers seat belt the original problem was it was getting jammed when the car interior heated up. Just fitted the new one (USED) and now getting a message that the pre safe is no longer active. My question is does the new seat belt need coding? The replacement belt itself is...
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    Pre-Safe inoperative - Front Right Side SRS System Inoperative

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and have bought a MB for the first time a few months back - so I may not be doing it correct and sound silly - apologies. I have a C200K W204 on 1.8l on a 07 plate. A few days back I got the error message saying Pre-Safe inoperative and Front Right Side SRS...

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