1. B

    om642 320 cdi fuel rail sensor location

    Afternoon all, could anyone help me with the location of the fuel rail sensor location? Part number is Bosch 0281002504 - it also fits lots of VAG models Mercedes ref is A0041536728 Also the location of the pressure control valve if possible - Mercedes ref A6420740184 I have fault...
  2. zedmeister

    OM642 320CDi rail pressure too low

    Still having trouble with my car - as a standard diesel, it jerks with lack of power only when cold. When warm it runs fine. When the Brabus D6 unit is refitted it is completely undriveable as the jerking occurs even at half throttle and then throws the engine management light on with the...
  3. zedmeister

    OM642 320CDi rail pressure too low

    Hi Well I'm having fun with my OM642 as well. After changing endless bits in the last year for various fault codes that have cleared up those issues (such as exhaust back pressure sensor, lambda sensor, Air mass sensor, etc) I am currently left with: 2047 Rail Pressure monitoring via volume...

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