1. I

    CLC wiper problems (with rain sensor)

    Having looked at the many posts on wiper issues I seem to have a slightly different issue and wondered if the many more experienced posters could shed some light (it's a CLC 2008) - Position 0 (manual - on pressing the stalk) - wipers operate when button pressed but stop as soon as button...
  2. moj91

    W204 Parking Sensors Faulty (Help/Ideas please!)

    Good evening all! After a recent bout of rain, the W204 has developed a problem with its front parking sensors, I assume one or more has gotten wet. Is this common? Is it usually the sensor(s) or could it be a loom connector fault? Is there anything i can do to the okay ones to seal them...
  3. D

    Leaky soft top on 2005 CLK

    Water leaks through on the driver side. Although hard to see, but I believe it is coming from the area where the top joins the windshield. Leaks gushes through from top of the driver side glass (at least it appears) when the car is accelarated. Seals appear to be good. Any past experience on...

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