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    Swirl flaps Inlet manifold clogged

    Hi all Car in limp mode due to inlet manifold blockage caused by swirl flap / DPF blockage etc. Mercedes E320 W211 3.0litre Diesel estate. 2007 Seen loads of threads on here for this, and read most of them. I am unsure what to do to be honest. Click Mechanic said they could take out swirl...
  2. K

    E350 CDI Mods? new here

    Hi all been an interested reader here for a while without contributing so far.... I bought a 61 plate black E350 (W212 265) just over two years ago and I have to say it's been great. First merc I've owned and I don't think I'd want anything else now. Plans for a newer MB have been...
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    C250 Re-Map Issue - Help needed

    Hi, Hoping for assistance. I recently undertook a re-map on my 2013 C250 AMG Auto Box which has the Delphi 3.10 ECU. Results were ok until I pushed the car hard and then it went into limp mode. Codes advised the torque converter had exceeded permissible limits and a load of other codes...
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