rear body panel

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    W202 Rear Door - "Lower weather" Seals - For want of a better term...

    Morning All, Wasn't exactly sure what to call these things.... Anyway, they are the V Shaped rubber seals at the bottom of each door. I need to replace them & cannot for the life of me think or find what they are called. I can't use MB to have the corrosion looked at under thier warranty as...
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    W201 - rear body panel missing

    date: today, 08/01/2011 time: 12:30pm place: Tesco's car park, Stowmarket. CRIME: drive off after hitting wife's car. :x damage: rear bumper panel loose & O/S rear lower panel & trim missing (the panel between wheel arch and bumper) colour Blue. we can secure the bumper but......... . where is...

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