rear window

  1. McDonald

    Glass cleaning

    My R230 has a section of glass on either side of the rear window. It seems to have some surface material that's deteriorated - as though a tint was once applied and has worn away over the years. It's the only thing marring a very clean, shiny car. I've read elsewhere on the forum that glass can...
  2. A

    w124 coupe 220 rear window has permanent mist

    my rear window on my coupe has stopped working and the heated elements have started to rust which has then left condensation stained on the inside of the glass. I have tried to clean it off but looks like i might have to replace, what would be my best option?
  3. B

    passenger side rear window fuse

    hi all i have an oldy but goody e55 amg 1998 w210 in which the rear window on the passenger side wont function and also wont function using the control by the gear shift so i presume and hope its a fuse,so i have looked in the fuse boxes under the seat and the bonnet and the one by thye ignition...

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