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    SL500 Engine ECU Coding

    Hi All - working through all the problems with my SL500, it all seems to stem from a major water ingress into the Drivers side footwell. Unbelievably, although the heater box drain was virtually blocked, there is absolutely no sign of water ingress into the Passenger (UK) side, bone dry and...
  2. S

    1997 E300 TD Remote key fob recoding

    I bought this car last week knowing it had a problem with both of the remote key fobs. One starts the car and unlocks but wont lock the doors, the other did nothing at all. I changed the batteries in both but no difference. Last night a saw a thread that suggested pointing the fobs at...
  3. M

    defective display message. CLK230

    Hi there am totaly new to this forum so any help much appreciated, I have recently had to replace a instrument cluster for my CLK 230 year 2001. Since replacing the cluster with a second hand one I now get an error, defective display, in the centre LCD. Also I have lost the electronic...

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