1. micky.

    Diamond cut refurb

    My lovely AMG alloys had been refurbed before I bought my car a couple of years ago, but now even though I've never kerbed them, they've got quite a lot of white oxidation splodges around the outer edges and hub. I have a local place who I haven't used before (Star Alloys in Preston, who come...
  2. L

    Mercedes C180 alloys

    Hi, Paint has started to peel of my standard alloys. Would anyone recommend getting them re-done or strip them and leave them just as the bare aluminium.
  3. T

    Diamond cut wheels SL55

    Hi, Made a big mistake of refurbing my SL55 (03) multispoke alloys. The job is great, however the original diamond cut is gone and the wheels have been sprayed. I wanted the original diamond cut finish back. Anyone know of a cheap local place around Heathrow airport? I was thinking of...

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