1. Midlifecrisis999

    Relay & fuse

    Got the Check Engine Light on the dashboard and took my SL350 in for a diagnostic. They found many faults - unsurpringly. However they also diagnosed a secondary air pump failure. I brought the car away and did some research, located the correct relay and fuse locations under the bonnet and...
  2. J

    Direction indicators have suddenly malfunctioned, hazards working fine.

    1999 C230K Sport Hi, my direction indicators have suddenly malfunctioned, hazards working fine. but direction indicators are dead.:( When the indicators stopped working at first if I put the right indicator on then the nearside would flash then they stop working altogether. fuses ok...
  3. M

    Center Console Electrics

    I have just purchased a 2002 ML320. The Electric Windows and Door Mirrors are not working. Everything else is working. I have checked both the fuse boards i.e. one under the bonnet and the one on the side panel in the drivers footwell and I cannot find a fuse or relay which is for either of...

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