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    battery disconnect

    I have to change washer /indicator stalk on my c class coupe 1.8 compressor 2003. So have to disconnect battery first . Will this create issues after reconnecting ?, ie computer settings etc
  2. E

    C204 DAB radio problem

    Hi everybody. Was just after a bit of advice as i have searched google high and low without a definite answer. I have a 2012 C220 CDI, and as far as i know its the command standard radio cd changer unit (everything except sat nav). Recently i have been a problem with the DAB radio which seems...
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    08 a-class ecu rom failure P0605

    Hi All. Can anyone please help with my current dilemma. I bought an 08 A-class 1.5 petrol with 40K on the clock 6 months ago from a well known giant car supermarket, it has the later type siemens VDO ECU (the one without the air flow meter) part numbers are a2661530391, 5wk90974 (07)...
  4. M

    Auto wing mirrors resetting help please.

    Hi all, I have just bought a 2006 clk 280 that has auto wing mirrors. i pressed the button to open them whilst they were open (as i was playing with buttons to see what they do rather than reading the manual) they then closed. so i tried pushing the other button (the one i now know to be...

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