ride height

  1. Sebastian-w204c200

    W204 How to increase the ride height?

    Hi Guys, Got a C-Class 2008-W204-C200 Kompressor Sport model (AMG Appearance) on 17inch wheels. It’s ride height seems to be very low since I brought it. Not a being big fan of low ride height. Other C-Class in the same year seems to have high ride height when parked next to mine. Is there any...
  2. B

    Hyrolic setting on SL500?

    Hi, In my car there is an option to raise, lower the suspension. It has two levels that the suspension can go up or down by. Just wondering what is the best level to drive the car at? Does it have any implications on hyrolics or suspension in general? Any other adv/disadv? Thanks
  3. J

    320sl nose dive

    , thHi! Just joined ths site because I am in desperate need of all your brains out there! First and foremost me and the car are in Tenerife, the car being a 320SL with ADS and ride height adjustment. I uncovered the car this morning to find the body nearly sat on the wheels (front only), the...

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