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    Hi, Live in Spain, 1999 r170 SLK 230 in black

    Hi everyone Have had my SLK about 5 years now. Still love her. Had a new gearbox put in by Mercedes in Alicante a year ago, not cheap, but everything else still works so it needed doing. I have an issue with the roof. It works fine, but is getting slow to release the front latches. I am...
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    W208 CLK Convertible Roof Issue

    Hi all I have a 2001 W208 CLK 230K Convertible and the issue I am having is when I unlock the roof using the manual handle, the roof pops up as it should but not far enough. When I pull the button up to open the roof fully, the rear windows folds up as it should and the metal compartment...
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    Annoying rattles

    Hi all, I have annoying rattles that seem to come from the doors of my SL55 but extensive examination of the doors has found nothing. I am now pretty sure that the rattles disappear when the roof is down. Could the roof be transmitting vibrations/rattles into the doors? Anyone heard of anything...

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