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    Genuine Merc roof racks query

    Hello all, dont suppose anyone knows if genuine Merc roof racks, part number B66850021, which i bought for my 04 ML270, would be suitable for a 2009 ML? Reason - I'm selling a pair and the prospective buyer has a 2009 ML. I cant seem to find the answer online and the parts department at Merc is...
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    I’ve recently purchased a 62reg C class coupe 250cdi amg sport plus (panoramic roof). I’m looking for the genuine Mercedes roof bars to suit. I’ve found a set on eBay that come off an e class coupe with the pano roof. Although the part number is not the Same, does anybody know if they’ll fit...
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    Roof Rack advice please

    I have a Mercedes E220 2013 62 plate saloon and i do not know what i am looking for, when it comes to wanting a roof rack for it, to carry suitcases on and general luggage. Can any one help me please and let me know, what i need so it will be easy for me to clip on and clip off quickly.All i...
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    Do the same roof bars fit W168 & W169 A-Class?

    Simple enough question. I'm looking at buying some roof bars for my W169 A-Class. I've seen some (Mercedes made) ones offered for sale, that fit a W168, but can not find any information on whether they also fit the W169. I know that the ones from other companies like Thule do, but I don;t...

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